We’ve officially entered the work from the home era, making home reno and remodeling more in demand than ever before. In 2018 alone, Americans were predicted to spend $340 billion on their homes – a considerable increase on previous years – and this figure is only going to keep on growing.

This growth in the market has seen a similar rise in competition and customer expectations. Home renovation is now a crowded and competitive industry, and using the same approaches that worked in the past isn’t always enough anymore. Customers now expect more from a home building company, particularly in the initial stages of a relationship. Digital marketing and advancements in handheld technology mean a business must be extra savvy to grab and maintain the market’s attention.

Modern Customers Want More

Today, customers are looking for an on-demand home remodeling service. They want to be able to find information about a potential kitchen renovation wherever and whenever they are. They expect to be able to contact their chosen contractor across multiple channels and find the relevant products they need quickly and easily.

As a result, home remodeling companies looking to market their business need to address these trends. They need to stand out from the crowd, demonstrate value, and create a seamless process from first touch to client conversion. Homebuilding companies are increasingly discovering that traditional marketing techniques often don’t quite cut it.

But rather than relying on one or two separate marketing approaches, the solution to this problem is omnichannel marketing.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing allows you to harness the full power of every single one of your communication channels. More importantly, it creates a consistent, streamlined, and progressive experience for your clients.

As consumers looking for a house or bathroom remodel are likely to conduct their search online, their expectations are subject to change. Research shows that customers now expect to hear back from their home remodeling company almost instantly, whichever channel they use.

Omnichannel marketing enables this, as well as syncing all channels to create a consistent client experience from the very first point of contact. If a client engages with your ad or gets in touch with you by email, omnichannel marketing ensures that all subsequent interactions are targeted and relevant. From web content and social media to targeted ads and email marketing, omnichannel marketing leverages every resource in your communication toolkit.

Most importantly, omnichannel marketing is tailored from a customer’s perspective. It is designed to make all contact with your business as convenient as possible, smoothing the path toward conversion at every step. Whereas multichannel marketing uses the same variety of communication channels to talk to clients, omnichannel creates a bespoke, targeted experience.

How Does Omnichannel Marketing work?

Omnichannel marketing understands that customers will move from channel to channel naturally, and builds on each interaction accordingly. Each communication channel updates itself with every interaction your client has with your business. This results in a diverse array of options for clients to contact and engage with you, making converting customers easier, quicker, and more efficient.

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